A little bit about me

Jake Kilmer, rocking it up at the latest SES studio session in late Oct 2015I’m a guy who loves drumming and making music with my friends and family. I also love to code! Read no further if thats all you want to know.

I was born in the San Fernando Valley and grew up in a very musical family in Castaic, CA (in Santa Clarita CA). My dad and uncle were in a few garage(our garage) rock bands playing locally in L.A before and after I was born. They would record most of their material on a 4 track quarter inch tape reel with a mixer board and some outboard gear. They even recorded a hand full of tracks (#7, #8 and #9) at the famous Sound City when their friend/engineer could squeeze them in in the wee hours of the morning. Even being very young, experiencing those sounds and all the equipment was enough for me to want to learn how to play and eventually record music. I started playing little rhythms when I was just 3 years old and started playing the drum set by the time I was 6 and the guitar when I was 9. I took one year of piano lessons when I was ten and then learned to read music in the junior high and high school bands.
Going to college right out of high school just wasn’t my cup of tea so I eventually stopped going to focus on music and most importantly, being in a band! The only class I still went to though was the tuesday night “big band” class with Dirk Fisher at the College of The Canyons for 2 years. Some of my most valuable drum lessons were learned playing for “DIRK” and the maybe 10 out in the real world$ jazz gigs we did. The Queen Mary was the best. I was even in a Sinatra cover band who played weekly at an excellent valley restaurant called Casa De Pizza where I learned some combo jazz tips from the owner of the joint and bass player, “Vito – all right good evening, we are gonna take a quick break..”. Check them out, they still have awesome live jazz every thursday night. I was learning a lot and having fun with the few jazz gigs I had but other than that, i was listening to mostly rock and playing all hours of the day with my garage punk bands. The big band and jazz groups were all cool and equally as challenging but my passion was and will always be rock drumming! The Flipper Babies were a three piece experimental progressive punkish group that I helped form right out of high school in 1999 and we rocked up until the summer of 2005. My guitarist Will Schneider and I would do the switch sometimes. The babies were my baby back then and we had a blast making tunes together and playing all over So Cal. In November 2005 I got a call from my good friend Ryan from Smile Empty Soul about trying out for drums.
From 2006 – 2017 we released 5 albums, 1 e.p and did as many United States tours as we could!! There is something special you find when playing with certain musicians and I can say playing with Sean Danielsen and Ryan Martin has been very mind expanding for me as a drummer/musician. Smile was always the grunge/alternative hard rock band I had wanted to play in since I first saw “Smells Like Teen Spirt” from Nirvana on MTV! We will always have that 3 piece power! Excellent musicians those guys are and oh the memories and shows we have together. Haha, not to mention the jokes we developed in that time! I also enjoy playing guitar, singing and recording/producing. I’ve been doing that with Johnny Bluegrass and The Coonhounds and Poet Warrior. Both groups are completely different as one is more folk/rock and the other is experimental punk in my opinion. Check out our albums! My parents bought me a banjo for my birthday in 2010 and I randomly came up with a few tunes. When I actually took some time and recorded them around 2013, I asked my Mom, Dad, brother and my lovely wife to lay down a track to my banjo takes on their native instrument. Funny because my native instrument is the drums, ha, anyway we made a record and titled it “KFB” for Kilmer Family Band. We released it to itunes, amazon. Check it out, I think y’all will dig it! I am also secretly a nerd and really enjoy technical things like math and coding. For the past few years, I’ve been coding websites full time with the Next Client “dev” team using the programming languages php, mysql, java script, jquery, jason, css and html. There is always something new and exciting to learn. Coding is similar to learning a new drum beat, when all of the parts are finally working together, it Rocks!! I gotta watch the code talk at home so my wife doesn’t sound the “nerd alert” alarm, ha!

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